Solitaire Rings: Perfect Choice for Proposals

In the enchanting world of fine jewellery, the solitaire diamond ring emerges as a beacon of timeless elegance. Renowned for its sophisticated simplicity, the solitaire ring commands attention without the need for elaborate adornment. Its singular focus—a beautifully cut stone set upon a band of precious metal—speaks volumes about the depth of one’s commitment and the purity of love. This article embarks on a journey to explore the quintessence of solitaire rings, unveiling why they remain the best classic choice for proposals.

What Does a Solitaire Mean in Ring Styles?

A solitaire ring, in its essence, features a single stone that gracefully takes centre stage. This design philosophy celebrates the beauty and brilliance of one gemstone—most commonly a diamond—set within a ring that exudes an air of elegant ring design. The solitaire engagement ring, in particular, holds a special place in the panorama of love stories, symbolising a singular, unwavering focus on the love shared between two souls. It’s a testament to the idea that in the vast expanse of our lives, finding one person to share a profound connection with is both rare and precious.

Fun Fact: The term “solitaire” comes from the Latin word “solitarius,” meaning alone or solitary, perfectly encapsulating the ring’s design ethos of celebrating a single, magnificent gemstone.

Think of a solitaire ring as the star in the night sky. Among countless stars, one shines the brightest, capturing our gaze and imagination. Similarly, a solitaire ring features a natural diamond or a fancy-coloured gemstone that captivates with its sparkle, embodying the unique and enduring love it represents.

Choosing Natural Diamonds vs Coloured Gemstones

The choice between natural diamonds and coloured gemstones for a solitaire ring is akin to deciding between a timeless classic and a piece of personalised art. Natural diamonds, with their unparalleled brilliance, symbolise strength and endurance, much like a beacon of light guiding through life’s journey. They are the epitome of traditional elegance, making them a popular choice for those seeking a platinum solitaire ring or a white gold setting that promises to stand the test of time.

On the other hand, coloured gemstones offer a palette of emotions and meanings. From the deep blues of sapphire symbolising wisdom and calm to the vibrant reds of ruby representing passion and courage, each gemstone brings its own story and charm to the ring design. Fancy-coloured gemstones allow for a custom design that reflects the wearer’s personality, making the bespoke solitaire ring an emblem of individuality and flair.

Gemstone Shapes and Their Significance

The shape of the gemstone in a solitaire ring is the canvas on which its character is drawn. The round-cut engagement ring is, without doubt, the epitome of solitaire ring trends, celebrated for its ability to maximise light reflection and hence, its brilliance. It’s a shape that’s been adored for centuries, embodying the eternal circle of love with no beginning and no end.

Yet, the world of solitaire rings is not confined to round brilliance alone. Shapes such as the oval, marquise, or emerald cut offer a modern twist on the classic, allowing for a more unique design. Each shape carries its own language of love; the oval cut represents an everlasting bond, while the emerald cut reflects clarity and strength in love’s journey. These variations in gemstone shapes ensure that there’s a perfect ring for every story, echoing the individuality of each love tale.

Setting Types for Solitaire Rings

The setting of a solitaire ring is the stage upon which the gemstone performs. It’s not merely about holding the stone in place; it’s about enhancing its beauty, securing its prominence, and reflecting the light in ways that amplify its brilliance. The classic prong setting, where metal claws extend to grasp the diamond, allows maximum light to interact with the facets, intensifying the stone’s sparkle. This setting type is akin to a spotlight on the main performer, ensuring all eyes are drawn to its splendour.

For those who tread the path less travelled, pave settings offer a subtle shimmer around the band, creating a halo of light that accentuates the solitaire without overshadowing its significance. Platinum and white gold bands are particularly popular choices, their cool tones providing a perfect backdrop for the diamond’s fire. Whether it’s a bold declaration of love with a prominent prong setting or a whisper of elegance with a pave band, the solitaire ring accommodates all expressions of love.

Precious Metal Choices for Your Ring

The choice of precious metal for a solitaire ring sets the tone of its overall appearance and feel. Platinum solitaire rings stand at the pinnacle of luxury and durability, offering a luminous, white sheen that enhances the brilliance of the diamond. White gold, on the other hand, provides a sleek and modern alternative, its reflective surface offering a perfect canvas for the gemstone to shine. The choice between platinum and white gold is akin to selecting between the timeless strength of an oak and the sleek elegance of a willow; both are beautiful, yet each offers a different kind of beauty.

Band Styles: Minimalistic vs Pave

When it comes to band styles, the decision between a minimalistic design and a pave setting speaks volumes about personal style and preference. Minimalistic bands, with their clean and unadorned elegance, allow the solitaire to take centre stage, much like a solo performer under a spotlight. Pave bands, adorned with small diamonds along the band, offer a symphony of sparkle, enhancing the centre stone’s brilliance. This choice mirrors the debate between the serene beauty of a single rose versus the lavish splendour of a bouquet.

All Considerations, Including Price and Where to Buy the Best Solitaire Ring

Selecting the perfect solitaire ring is a journey that encompasses various considerations, including price and where to buy. Mayfair and Hatton Garden are esteemed destinations that promise an exquisite collection of solitaire rings, each offering bespoke services to tailor the ring to your precise desires. The investment in a solitaire ring is not merely financial but emotional, marking the beginning of a lifelong journey. It’s essential to choose a jeweller who understands the profound significance of this purchase, guiding you to a piece that resonates with your personal story and budget.


Solitaire rings, with their singular focus on one magnificent gemstone, symbolise a love that is pure, unwavering, and luminous. The journey of selecting a solitaire ring, from choosing between natural diamonds and coloured gemstones to deciding on the perfect precious metal and band style, is a testament to the depth and individuality of one’s love. In the quest for the perfect proposal, the solitaire ring stands as a beacon of timeless elegance, promising to encapsulate the essence of your unique love story in its design.


  1. What is the best metal for a solitaire ring? Platinum offers unmatched durability and a luminous sheen.
  2. Can I customise my solitaire ring design? Yes, bespoke designs are available for a personal touch.
  3. Are coloured gemstones good for solitaire rings? Yes, they add unique character and meaning to the ring.
  4. How do I choose the right size gemstone? Consider personal style and budget; bigger isn’t always better.
  5. Where is the best place to buy a solitaire ring? Mayfair, London, and Hatton Garden jewellers offer exquisite choices.