Simple Steps to Select House Removals Company

Finding a removal company is a big task at the moment you realise that you are relocating yourself and your family to a new home. Having good friends who have experienced in the past months a house move will be ideal as they probably can recommend or advise in the matter. But let’s assume you do not have neighbours, colleagues, friends or relatives friend and you need search on the internet…


  • Google always is going to be the best way to find a removal company in London, but how to get a good one with excellent reputation and reliability… many will do advertisement and will appear a the top of the results, but that doesn’t mean they hold a good service; so you need to do a bit of digging before enquiring.


  • Obtain reviews of those clients who have used that moving service before, maybe you can ask directly about their experience. You can consider online feedback to assist with better removal service.


  • Always is best to compare services from different house movers providers, potential offers and discount can make your decision clear. A verbal agreement is not a binding contract suitable at the time of your move. Choose a moving company which is up to your expectation within your budget.


  • Environmental friendly! Some removals companies do not dispose properly of the caused by home removals, In a recent program aired on march 2021 Panorama’s BBC tv show expose the crisis of rubbish droppings around the United Kingdom. So the right approach to the removal company is asking for proof of disposal, in case you are sending junk to the waste and recycling centres.


  • A fully insured removal company with a clear contract is the best advice; an accident might happen and you need to feel your goods fully protected, no matter how professional and best intentions the moving hired company might have, Always is better to be secure than be sorry.


How to get a proper moving estimate cost?

Smartmoves SpecialistsA trustworthy moving company like SmartMoves Specialists will take inventory of all your belongings and determine the size and the weight of your move. Some companies only ask for the biggest items to provide an estimated cost. A big part taken into consideration by the mover’s price is based on the weight of your belongings and the space your goods take up in the vehicle to be transported. Always be sure you understand the estimate might not be the final price.

Mandatory safety measures

We already established that a fully insured moving company is the best option, but securely packing items is as important as the insurance itself. If the moving company is not responsible for the packing then you might not have any compensation if something is damaged during the moving.


Use a Local Moving company

Be sure the company you hire has a local address and information about licensing and insurance.

If you live in London UK, you can find many moving companies by checking in Business directories such as redirectory, yell, or checkatrade.