Relocation to Italy

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‘La Dolce Vita’ literally translates as ‘the sweet life’ – this is a pure temptation of this relaxed life in almost perpetual sunshine in a place rich with culture, history, art and glamour.

Life in Italy is relaxed, very much enjoyable and interesting, and expats living in Italy truly benefit from high quality of life.

The north of Italy has spectacular mountain scenery and the gorgeous lakes of Como and Garda with the luxurious surroundings.

Right at the base of the Alps, the pretty city of Turin is the hub of Italy’s most up and coming music, food and arts.

Italy’s central region includes the beautiful countryside of Umbria and Tuscany. Florence is a cultural delight for expats. Works by Michelangelo, Botticelli and Leonardo da Vinci are just some of the arts created in this grand city, which also has a fantastic restaurant and nightlife scene.

And there’s Rome – the remarkable capital of Italy. It’s so romantic and inspiring that it would be very hard not to fall in love with it.

Italy is full of surprises, history and culture which attracts the expats to enjoy all the fruits the country has to offer.

Living costs in the wealthier northern part of Italy is slightly higher than in the south, also Italy’s big cities are expensive places to live compared to the country’s countryside. Having said that, living in Rome is significantly cheaper (around 30% overall) than living in London. Also, taxes in Italy tend to be much lower than in the UK, particularly in the south.

Because Italy is a part of the European Union, British expats are free to live and work there without requiring any special visas — UK expats who want to relocate to Italy can stay and work without a permit for the first three months. If you’re staying for more than 3 months, you must apply to your nearest town hall (Comune – Ufficio Anagrafe) for residency (iscrizione anagrafica). Permits are granted for different periods of time up to two years, after which they will need to be renewed if you wish to continue living the sweet life in beautiful Italy.

When it comes to moving your home to Italy, Reloux will offer you the best relocation service.

You can bring your household goods, personal effects, pets or even your car into Italy tax-free as the movement within the EU is free.

Reloux experienced staff will provide you with all the relevant information before the move takes place. As there are no customs, the moving process is rather easy and stress-free.

Reloux will provide you with high-quality relocation services, whether it’s a small personal effects move or the whole household move.

Our moving service will start with a dedicated point of contact – your own move manager. After the initial briefing call, we will set up a free no obligations pre-move survey appointment. During this time our surveyor will establish your moving requirements and estimate the volume of the goods you are looking to move to Italy.

Once the survey has been completed Reloux move manager will send you our competitive quotation and once accepted, the moving dates will be scheduled as per your requirements.

Reloux will provide a high standard relocation service to Italy. You will be aware of the whole move step by step, our move managers will ensure the smooth running of your move. Before you’ll know it you will be settling in your new residence with all your personal effects and that comfy bed you love in beautiful Italy.