Furriers in London

Buying a fur jacket or hat can be difficult if you have to decide between quality and cost, but luckily in London we have a fashionable and professional furrier that can deliver top quality with affordability!

Thalia Furs is one of the best furriers in London, located on the fashion district of Whitechapel, providing exquisite Fur Jackets, fur hats, fur gilet and fur accessories. Thalia Furs can tailor amazing collections of furs at your leisure or allow us to make you a custom fur that is fitted to your exact specifications with original designs, fashionable and totally in style with the latest trends.

Fur Alterations

Thalia Furs offer professional fur alteration to any of your fur garments, because buying a fur piece is an investment whether it is brand new or second hand in many respects it is like buying an antique. However, tastes, fashions and styles change. Fur garments can be remodelled and redesigned to reflect modern trends and look. Many furriers in London offer a service to remodel, clean and store garments and Thalia Furs is your best option!

Fur Cleaning 

At Thalia Furs we know how important is to maintaining your fur on regular basis for that reason we have a comprehensive fur cleaning service to ensure decades of enjoyable use.

Thalia Furs have specialised furriers in process of bringing out the natural lustre and sheen of a fur after it has been cleaned. It involves a steaming and ironing process that differs with each type of fur. Glazing will restore the life, lustre and beauty of your garment. Fur cleaning is performed by hand using a mild biodegradable fur cleaning.

Fur Repairs

Thalia Furs also provide fur repairs to your garment in order for your fur too keep young and beautiful again. Our professional furriers will make your garment using the best approach so the fur repair will not be visible from outside the garment.

For more information about furrier services in London please visit Thalia furs web page at  http://thaliafurs.co.uk/ or call to 020 7427 6090